Turks and Caicos Kiteboarding

"Kiteboarding is what we do"

Kite Adventures

1. Downwinders*

downwindersAre you an experienced kiteboarder looking to explore the beautiful bays and cays around Providenciales? Get away from the day to day of Long Bay and come with us on a guided downwinder or safari with the TCK crew! Location is determined by the wind direction. All downwinders are offered with full jet ski support! Feel confident and safe kiting with the TCK team!

($100 per person per hour, minimum 2 riders required; average downwinder 2.5-3h)

2. Safaris*

safarisTake a half day or full day trip with us and let one of our TCK team members take you to some of Turks and Caicos' best kite spots - where you'll be away from the crowds! Imagine kiting in the most flat lagoons, surrounded by deserted white sand beaches. We will provide transportation, drinks and refreshments and make sure you get set up and stay safe while having the best exclusive kiteboarding experience!

($100 per person per hour, minimum 2 riders required, 1/2 day = 4h, Full day = 8h)


Some days we're stuck without wind but that doesn't mean we're stuck without fun!

1. Stand Up Paddleboard Self Guided Tours:

We offer SUP rental and self guided SUP tours that allow you to explore the most beautiful parts in and around our island! SUP rental prices include pickup and dropoff of equipment in the Grace Bay area. We'll show you the way -- An orientation with our team is included prior to embarking on your self guided tour. 
($40/h 2h minimum, $100/day, $350/week)

2. Guided Stand Up Paddleboard Tours:

Let us show you around our beautiful island! Explore the mangroves and cays around Providenciales and get immersed in the beauty of the nature that surrounds you! This tour is given by a qualified SUP instructor who will show you all of the correct techniques for proper stand up paddle boarding. 

($110/2-2.5h tour, all equipment included)

2. Jet Ski Assisted Boardskills Lesson:

No wind, no worries!! On rare non-wind days, we offer our students a chance to have some fun while working on their boardskills - body positioning, better upwind efficiency, toeside/blind riding, and even surface handlepasses! This lesson is great for those who have little to no experience on a board (snowboard/wakeboard/kiteboard/etc) Using our jet ski and customized equipment, we can simulate conditions similar to that of the kite powering the rider - invaluable for progression! This lesson is offered with our state of the art radio helmets. Click HERE to check out a video of our jet ski assisted boardskills lesson.
(Max 3-4 people, 2 hour minimum, $275/hour, fuel included)

*Please email us for more details. Downwinders, Safaris and Non Wind activities are subject to availability.