Turks and Caicos Kiteboarding

"Kiteboarding is what we do"

Kiteboarding Rentals, Repairs and Sales


We offer a wide selection of Slingshot equipment for rental under our rental programs. See below for more details and choose the option that's best for you!


We also offer a full range of professional equipment repair services by our repair team. Canopy repair, bladder repair, valve replacement... or whatever we can do to get you back on the water! Contact us for more information!

Kiteboarding Gear for Sale 

Interested in purchasing your own gear? Our student loyalty program offers 20% off MSRP on all current year Slingshot Gear with fantastic deals on lightly used school and demo equipment as well! 

Contact us for more information!



TCK Rental Programs 

  • Standard Rental

    • Full setup of TCK Gear provided to client (Kite and Board may be exchanged during rental period to suit daily wind conditions) 

    • Independent setup, take down and storage of equipment 

    • Return of equipment to TCK at end of rental period 


      $450/3 days


  • VIP Rental

    • Full set of TCK Gear provided to client (Kite and board size can be adjusted to suit daily wind conditions)

    • TCK will have the gear set up for you when you arrive and we will take down and store all gear at the end of your session and have it ready for you when you arrive the next day! 


      $700/3 days


  • Supervised Rental

    • Practice under the watchful eye of our TCK Team within our designated safe zone

    • Available ONLY for former TCK students or IKO card holders showing level 3K or higher 

    • Full setup of TCK Gear provided during rental period

    • TCK Team will assist with set up, launch, land

    • Jet ski assistance for shuttling upwind and rescue as required 



Board Rental Only  (surfboards, twin tips) 



$90/3 days


Contact us to reserve your rental gear!


*Kites are only available for rent to students who have achieved IKO level 3K or higher (consistently staying upwind) .

**If you are not a current IKO card holder, our instructors can do an assessment and provide you with your IKO member card ($50 for assessment and card) which can be used all over the world to prove your skill level and simplify gear rental. All equipment rental is subject to availability.

***All equipment rental must be PREpaid in full.

****All equipment rental is also subject to a refundable deposit. Upon return of equipment in the same condition in which it was rented, your deposit will be refunded in full. Any damage sustained to rental equipment will be assessed by TCK for repair or replacement value at current industry standard rates

*****Please note that 12% Turks and Caicos Government Tax must be added to all prices