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Learn with TCK: Come and See What Sets Us Apart! 

1.Maximize your time and get away from the crowds:

*Our trademark jet ski assisted lessons allow us to conduct our lessons far away from the crowds close to the beach at Long Bay. We shuttle you way out into the bay (where the water is still waist deep) so that you can learn in plenty of space without other students and riders coming close and making you feel nervous.

*Maximize your time on the water! We shuttle you on the ski so you can ride for longer! Spend more of your time getting up and riding and less of your time walking upwind! 

2. The Ultimate in Safety

*Our  jet ski doubles as a rescue vessel which allows us to keep a close eye on you while you're riding, and get to you quickly in case anything goes wrong. 

*Our safety-focused professional instructors are all IKO Certified and trained in basic life support and first aid.

3.True Professionals in the Industry

*As much as we value new and fresh instructors coming into the industry, you won't find instructors straight out of Instructor Training at Turks and Caicos Kiteboarding. We have a minimum 5 season teaching experience requirement when recruiting for our team.

*Rest assured that you are learning an extreme sport from an industry professional with plenty of experience, professional certification and rigorous standards. 

4. As a Small Company - you become a part of our family. 

*We are a small company with only 5 team members. This helps us to offer consistent, high quality, personalized service to our valued students, the majority of whom come back to kite with us year after year. 

*Being a small family-run company allows us to provide our students with a boutique style service and allows us to customize your package to your specific needs. 

Ready to see what sets us apart? Book your lesson below! 



1. Kite Mudder (our most popular lesson for beginners!)

kiteboarding lessons in turks and caicos islandsIf you're the type of person that likes to get a "move" on, then the "Kite Mudder" is for you! Our most popular introductory course combines "The Essentials" and "Water Ready" into one jam packed lesson that is the  best way to get a taste for kiteboarding! Go straight from land to water for the maximum experience!

(approx 3 - 3.5 hours, $350 per person, max 2 persons)

2. Mini Mudder

kiteboarding lessons in turks and caicos islandsNo time for a full Kite Mudder? Not sure if you want to commit? Try our "Mini Mudder" - a condensed version of our signature "Kite Mudder" lesson. *Warning: In this lesson, unless you are a superhero, most students would not have time to work on getting up on the board. If you want to get up on the board, please choose our "Kite Mudder" lesson.

(approx 2-2.5h, $250 per person, max 2 persons)

3. Water Ready

kiteboarding lessons in turks and caicos islandsFor those of you who have already covered the land lesson and basics, this lesson covers kite control in the water, water relaunching your kite, learning to body drag, upwind body dragging and board retrieval, power strokes and getting the board on your feet to get up for your first attempts to ride! A great lesson for those of you who have already had a bit of experience with kiteboarding and want to continue practicing kite handling skills and board starts in a group setting!

(approx 3hours, $300 per person, max 2 persons)

4. One on One

private kiteboarding lessons in turks and caicos islandsWe offer customized private lessons and one on one instruction to work on individual needs and skills. This lesson is great for those who want the undivided attention of their instructor and also works great for students who may have had some previous experience with kiteboarding in the past. Your instructor can tailor your lesson to suit your needs and fill the gaps in your knowledge and skills! With our private lessons we have the best kite to student ratio and this maximizes your time on the kite! This is the most efficient way to progress your riding!

($175/hour, minimum 2 hours)

Intermediate and Advanced Riders

1. One on One

intermmediate and advance kiteboarding lessons in turks and caicos islandsIf you're already up and riding, progress your skills with customized private lessons and one on one instruction to work on individual needs and skills. Your instructor will tailor your lesson to suit your needs and fill the gaps in your knowledge and skills! Work on upwind body positioning, toeside, transitions, jumps and your first tricks! Our Headzone radio helmets make it easy to receive minute to minute instruction as you ride!

($175/hour, minimum 2 hours)

2. Jet Ski Assisted Lessons

jet ski kiteboarding assisted lessons in turks and caicos islandsFor an additional cost, we offer the exclusive use of our jet ski to supplement all lessons - get whisked away from the crowds and spend more time riding and less time walking upwind! Click Here for more details on jetski assisted lessons!

(Additional $75/h added to lesson cost)

3. Custom Packages

Don't see what you're looking for? If you do not see your preferred date or time available, please e mail us or give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

We can also customize a lesson plan or package for you! Contact us anytime- we would be happy to tailor your kiteboarding experience to your specific needs!

**Please note all prices are not inclusive of 12% Turks and Caicos Government Tax and 4% CC processing fee